SchoolDude’s CrisisManager allows public school districts, private and independent schools, colleges and universities, to publish their safety, emergency, disaster, crisis and preparedness procedures into an easy-to-use, 100% mobile platform. Increase the readiness, awareness, knowledge, communication, safety and response times for your staff, faculty and students – and put the power to quickly and safely respond to any event in the palm of their hand. Whether you have one or several emergency and safety plans to meet the needs of various buildings, locations, campuses or groups, CrisisManager is the solution for you. The Crisis Manager app provides your faculty, staff, and students with your actionable emergency and safety guidelines – and event-specific contacts – minimizing the confusion of what to do and who to call for specific emergency events. Your organization’s plan is stored locally on each user’s smartphone or tablet computer, ensuring that they are always prepared to take action during a crisis – regardless of telephone or internet connectivity. Plans don’t have to be limited to standard emergency scenarios and specific uses – any situation where readiness, preparedness or awareness is critical can have a plan. You can add safety plans for Study Abroad, seasonal plans for Sporting events or Graduation, plans for the community and groups who rent your facilities, or a plan to address challenges like parking. It’s all customizable to meet your unique needs. Taking it one step further, CrisisManager is now equipped with Incident Reporting - allowing your staff, faculty, safety personnel and/or students to be an extra set of eyes during a crisis. Keep your students and faculty informed and prepared for the unexpected with SchoolDude’s CrisisManager app.

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