Gaussian is a general purpose electronic structure package for use in computational chemistry. It can predict properties of molecules and reactions including: molecular energies and structures, energies and structures of transition states, vibrational frequencies, IR and Raman spectra, thermochemical properties, bond and reaction energies, reaction pathways, molecular orbitals, atomic charges, multipole moments, NMR shielding and magnetic susceptibilities, vibrational circular dichroism intensities, electron affinities and ionization potentials, polarizabilities and hyperpolarizabilities, and electrostatic potentials and electron densities.

GaussView is a graphical user interface designed to be used with Gaussian to make calculations easier, quicker and more efficient.

Available for OSU faculty, staff and students on institutional devices or computers for use in education and non-commercial research.  Please contact Software Licensing if you have special circumstances that require installation on a personally-owned computer.  Installation on a personal computer requires approval in writing from our Gaussian representative.

OSU's Gaussian license only covers Linux/Unix versions. Windows and Mac versions can be purchased from Gaussian directly at

PLEASE NOTE: Once you leave OSU, you must remove ALL SITE-LICENSED SOFTWARE from your personal computers.  Any valid licenses on work computers may be transferred to another employee.

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