Join us in marking Oregon State University’s milestone anniversary.
On October 27, 1868, Corvallis College became the state’s official land grant institution. Since then, we have grown from our first graduating class of three to over 30,000 students.

Over the past 150 years, our name has changed, our programs have multiplied and our facilities have expanded, but our mission to conduct world-leading research and to provide the highest quality education for the people of our state and beyond remains steadfast. Our impact resounds across Oregon and around the globe because we are OUT THERE, solving the world’s most pressing challenges.

We invite you to celebrate with us. Look back at everything we’ve done together and look to the future to see where we will go.

The OSU150 app is a great way to engage with OSU’s 150th anniversary. Everyone is welcome to participate and login is not required to access information. Login does, however, allow for advanced features and competition in games.
• Explore the history of Oregon State University’s campus. See vintage photos and compare to what today’s buildings look like. Learn about the people that buildings are named for. Discover the building’s original purpose, what it has been used for over the years and what it is used for today.
• Oregon State is celebrating something that makes it unique – we are one of only two universities in the U.S. that hold land, sea, sun and space grant designations (the other one is Penn State.) We will hold four festivals around these grants and all festival information is accessible through this app. Add the activities that you want to attend to your calendar, using this app.
• Win prizes! Accomplish tasks in the game section and exchange your points for prizes. (Must be logged in to compete)
• Connect with others who are attending events, without revealing more information than you want to.

If you’re an Oregon State alumni, student, supporter, staff or faculty member, this app is the perfect way to help celebrate our 150th anniversary and learn new things about Beaver Nation.

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